ZINC publishes article series on social networking research

ZINC Research has just published the first four articles in its series on social networking. The series is based on research data drawn from ZINC’s syndicated online segmentation survey, The Bridge, which has been tracking evolving trends in social media since 2007.

Topics covered in the first articles include:

  • Highlights from the newly-completed 2010 survey and a comparison with 2009 data;
  • A snapshot profile of five unique social network user segments;
  • Facebook’s performance in 2010;
  • A user segment-based ranking of 12 popular social networking activities.

To view the articles in the Resource Library section of the ZINC website, click here: zincresearch.com/research_resources

In a ZINC news release announcing the article series, ZINC president Brian F. Singh pointed to the growing popularity and widespread acceptance of social networking, and as a result decided that the time was right to share more of ZINC’s unique findings with a broader audience.

“The significance of social media is certainly no secret to business people,” Singh said. “The challenge for businesses, however, is not simply to connect with people, but to connect with the right people, and to engage with them in ways that are not only appropriate but also mutually beneficial. To do that, you need a deeper understanding of the people you’re talking to. These articles will help marketers and business leaders understand the needs, wants and acceptable rules of engagement that apply to each of the various online audiences that we’ve identified in our segmentation survey.”

About the survey

The Bridge is a syndicated survey established in 2007 by ZINC in partnership with Ottawa-based Dufferin Research. It uses a sample of 1,200 online respondents that accurately reflects Canada’s online population both geographically and demographically. Since its inception, the survey has collected nine tracking waves; a tenth will be added in early 2011.

For information on The Bridge and other syndicated research surveys offered by ZINC Research, contact Brian F. Singh.

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