ZINC presentation discusses social media impacts on Calgary and federal elections

ZINC Research has today published the first of a two-part presentation on the effects of social media in the era of “Elections 2.0,” a term coined by ZINC president Brian F. Singh to describe the dramatic effects of instant communication and interaction via social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Singh delivered his presentation last week to the Market Research and Intelligence Association’s annual meeting, held this year in Winnipeg. In Part 1, he described his experiences on the Nenshi campaign team last fall in Calgary. Social media wasn’t the only factor in Naheed Nenshi’s stunning mayoralty victory, Singh explained, but it did play a significant role. As he discusses in Part 2, which will be published later this week, the impacts of these online resources on the upcoming federal election could be even more surprising.

To view Part 1 of the presentation, visit zincresearch.com

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