Why you hire a market research professional (Part 1)

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I used to be a member of an online grocery delivery service. I discontinued the service for a host of reasons.

However, they retained my contact information and they recently sent me an online survey to better understand why I left and what was important to me. While I commend them on their effort to do research, their execution was poor.

First, it was obvious that they designed this survey instrument themselves – the questionnaire had a host of double-barreled and in-appropriate questions. Here’s an example (one of too many!):

Which option(s) best describe your lifestyle?

In a long-term relationship
Do not have children
Want children in the future
Have one or more children

They did not ask my gender (I am male), and I found that I was able to check off that I have a “pregnant lifestyle.”

This leads to my second point. While there are great online tools available to us all, they are meaningless unless they are used properly. Here is a case where if they knew how to program skips and text piping properly, they could have obtained better feedback.

At this point, consulting with a professional – even on meagre budget – would help businesses avoid these (identified) pitfalls and ensure that they obtain meaningful and actionable feedback.

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