When Humanity Reigns…

As a researcher, I seek to find those common threads that connect a breadth of ideas with the diversity of mindsets. I am also an ardent traveler, as I find it the best education. But every once in while, something comes along that reminds me about what we as a society should aspire to.

When we go through the challenges of day-to-day life, with so much conflict and injustice in the world and people who seek to divide us, we can always remember that we have many things in common. Things that connect us all. And things that we can celebrate together.

Here is a character Matt who has been able to bring us together in the most glorious and wonderful way.

And maybe, with more Matts or more of us thinking like Matt in the world, we can understand each other better. To learn more about Matt’s project, click here.

Thanks to John for pointing this out to me, and thanks to Stride Gum for supporting Matt’s endeavours.

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