The Power of Controlled Chaos

“I can be chaos and practical at the same time.”

Thanks, Gary Vaynerchuk for articulating my approach.

I too have never lost my wedding ring (and my 20th anniversary is this year). And orange – the colour most associated with chaos – is within our logo. (Little known fact – even my wallet is orange.)

I know sometimes I do not appear be the most organized person. And there is the matter of my office. 🙂 But these seemingly diametrically opposed attributes – chaos and practicality – are the proverbial ying and yang of my creativity and robustness of business advice.

Gary nails an important point. Chaos and practicality can co-exist. While it is uncomfortable for many, it is where innovation can take place within the zone of calibrated risk. Mastering processes is a form of mitigating risk. However, there is a tendency to orient towards controlling risk at all cost. Companies fall into this trap all the time, many forgetting it was the risks they took that made them successful. I have found the setting boundaries for chaos in concert with creating processes and controls to mitigate risk the ideal combination from ongoing innovation and market relevance. High performing organizations have mastered the art of this balance.

In my own business, I subscribe to this credo. We get called or participate in strategic research when organizations are looking to kickstart their innovation and creative thinking to change and grow their business. Only through applying some chaos to internal (within an organization) and externally (stakeholders/customers of that organization) can quality and actionable insights be discovered. We have a methodology, and we are cognizant that this balance of chaos and practicality is not for all. But it is our repeated experience that this is where than magic happens.

Take a listen to what Gary has to say here:

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