“It took a threat from the right to revive democracy in this province.” – Brian F. Singh

Apart from the surprising majority earned by the Alberta PCs on April 23, much attention has also been paid to the equally surprising performance of the pollsters, virtually all of whom got it wrong, maintaining that the upsurging Wildrose Party would end more than 40 years of Tory reign.

In his comments quoted in two articles in the Globe and Mail, Zinc president Brian F. Singh says that these results as a wake-up call, not only to the PCs (who faced a formidable challenge for the first time in years), who many pundits and public though were going to lose the election, but also to the pollsters, whose traditional methods failed to respond – or truly understand and engage – the grasp the electorate’s real concerns, trending shifts and underlying motivations for voting intent.

To view these interviews & articles, click on these links:

CBC Interview (Calgary EyeOpener, April 27, 2012): http://www.cbc.ca/eyeopener/episode/2012/04/27/tory-election-win-in-alberta/

‘Entire environment shifted’: Pollsters seek answers after Alberta vote: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/entire-environment-shifted-pollsters-seek-answers-after-alberta-vote/article2412816/

Fear of Wildrose drove some voters to Alberta PCs: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/fear-of-wildrose-drove-some-voters-to-alberta-pcs/article2412023/

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