Giving Research the NOS Effect. Betty Amadou, Research Through Gaming (Net Gain 6.0 Presentation)

Key points raised:

  • NOS – Nitrous Oxide – Go faster! But make research more engaging!
  • Games harnesses lots of things. While research too… but lacking creativity and don’t demonstrate our industry’s passion.
  • People have a voice, but not willing to share as it appears that we are listening poorly.
  • Culture: What I want I get… 2 way communication.
  • Surveys are not interactive.
  • Can we improve through gaming?
  • Start you research via storyboarding.
  • Built in timing mechanism – becomes a data stream onto itself.
  • Share information among respondents.
  • Coin the term: Playspondent!
  • Give people a WHY to participate in the research.
  • Kids would love this stuff. Young adults (especially male) – hard to reach – would find this engaging.
  • Respondents don’t see the cool things the MR industry is doing!
  • Better to focus on game mechanism (no bright colours, etc.)
  • Good example of gamification: Pottermore, Weight Watchers, AnUvaHood.
  • Gamification has associated affects… may promote actions within “real life.”
  • Rule, mechanics, guidelines and rewards.
  • Get at introversion and delve into creative thinking.
  • Avatars help cross the empathy gap.
  • Have a clear goal in mind!
  • Keep it social.
  • RAVA & CABIN (follow up with @BettyAmadou on that!)
  • Really make the rules of the game clear!

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