Finding the right media mix to drive insights and co-creation. Julie Wittes Schlack, Communispace (Net Gain 6.0 Presentation)

Key points raised:

  • MR is mix of feedback and discovery. Feedback is about the brand. Discovery is about consumers. Co-creation encompasses both.
  • Panel: The Project is the centre of gravity.
  • Social Network: Profile is the centre of gravity.
  • Community: PURPOSE is the centre of gravity.
  • Social Networks – great grounds for discovery. Use listening platforms – only access to public content. Inherently passive. Great for monitoring trends and looking at indirect feedback.
  • Private Online community: Communispace typically recruits to the point of 300 to 500 persons. People’s identity are private.
  • Opportunity: Listening, trusting conversing, connecting emotionally, inviting relationship building, participating, respecting, understanding, ongoing.
  • People invest energy as the feel that they are known and heard.
  • Contribution rates: 64%. Highly engaged.
  • Can do open end forms of engagement: e.g., image annotation, ideation (and iteratively), mind-mapping (visual free association)
  • Most people averaged approximately 7 contributions a month.
  • Rising use of mobile ethnography (yup, old school diary study)
  • Good question with emotional resonance: “What annoys you?”
  • People have an inherent need to connect and be heard (and willing to be intimate). (Are people inherent exhibitionists?)
  • Heatmapping within community also a handy technique.
  • With webcams, have the ability to do facial expression analysis.
  • There is information you will share in a private community (because you are asked) that you will not share on Facebook.
  • Visibli Research: Looked at brand fan page. Over 100,000 members – 54 comments per post.
  • Co-creation: Options are open source or closed/invitation.
  • “Growth is not a matter of selling more of what you produce, but expanding the domain in which you can respond to your clients, consumers, and customers.” Joe Batisita, Hewlett-Packard.

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