Facebook helps employers screen & develop talent…

Social networking is the new frontier of recruiting and connecting with staff.

Yes, indeed. While not an obvious first place to advertise jobs, the medium does take advantage of one key element – networks.

There have been a wave of employers shutting down workers access to this revolutionary Web 2.0 application because it is considered a time waster. E-mail was once considered a time waster. Even the telephone.

Employers are trying to figure out how Facebook can be a positive contribution to their operations. Even in the midst of what we now refer as the “talent crunch.” But, with all the efforts being poured into new recruitment and retention programs and employer branding initiatives, Facebook might be a manager’s best ally.

It is well known that many new hires are now done on a referral basis – may it be through an employee, professional network of post-secondary drive. It is my strong sense that employers who embrace the ‘trusted network’ aspects and personal profile features of Facebook could leverage the social networking system to attract talent with the “right fit” faster and easier than traditional means.

As we noted in one of our recent reports: Facebook is the account of choice for more than 80% of Canadians who subscribe to social networking sites. While membership appears to have stabilized at over 9 million, almost 9 in 10 Canadians aged 18 to 34 years are members – the cohort that is most sought after by employers.

For some excellent insights into what Facebook and social media can do for your organization, I suggest you read the following article “Web 2.0 @ Work” by Elizabeth Kelly that appeared in the April/May issue of HR Professional.

Article: Web 2.0 @ Work by Elizabeth Kelly


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