Engaging the high tech consumer: the promise and tradeoffs for survey research: Bob Fawson, SSI (Net Gain 6.0 Presentation)

Key points raised:

  • Data comes from three consumer studies.
  • “Smartphones are becoming the norm.”
  • “Texting not a fad.”
  • We have intimate relationships with our mobile device: 1 in 10 keep in by bed at night.
  • Social networking major mobile use. And common across all ages.
  • Avid social network users NOT JUST teens.
  • Avids are engaged in the social fabric offline, more politically engaged.
  • Judging quality of products via social networks.
  • Most have recommended a product or service.
  • Negative reviews from friends or families has more impact.
  • Connecting via mobile device more prevalent among the avids. (Connecting between source and the moment.)
  • Mobile phones make us feel like better shoppers.
  • The more devices owned, the more willing to participate in research.
  • Stimulate participate: Text message, accessing online survey, a phone call, downloading software directly to phone.
  • Mobile is still largely and untapped source.
  • People are hesitant to download a research app. More inclined with an incentive… BUT HIGH incentive.
  • Reaching avid users – invitation sent through social networks, a post on social networking site.
  • Avids more like to respond outside of online panels.

Insights from other studies.

  • Who takes mobile surveys? Cuts across all age groups. SMS skews younger, while IVR skews 55 years+.
  • Mobile panel – stronger response from 25 to 34 years age group.
  • Mobile respondents – younger, educated, high income and employed.
  • SMS drives the highest level of immediacy.
  • Abandonment rate on mobile web is massive… so Choice is key.
  • YES, there are mode effects!
  • If willing to take survey little difference between “light” questionnaire design versus detailed version with grids.
  • Sometimes cash in where people are bored and willing to take a survey.

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