Canadians support carbon capture and storage – New survey shows half of Canadians want carbon storage as solution to reducing CO2 emissions

With President Obama’s historic visit to Canada, Canadians got their first exposure to America’s approach for dealing with global warming. Obama and Prime Minister Harper both affirmed that CO2 is a major issue, and set their sights on major emitters.

The visit of Obama has raised a new consciousness among Canadians. A recent poll, conducted by ZINC Research and its partners Dufferin Research and The Corpen Group, show that half of Canadians support carbon capture technology to reduce CO2 emissions and address the urgency of global warming.

“Canadians are generally supportive of using carbon capture and storage to address this increasingly disturbing environmental challenge,” says Brian F. Singh, Managing Director of ZINC Research. “While there may be other economic priorities right now, Canadians still want to see strong action on the climate change front and they support the government spending money to make it happen”

The survey shows that half of Canadians consider carbon capture as a reasonable and effective approach to addressing global warming. A majority of Canadians (54%) agree that, with governments’ investment in carbon capture and storage, Canada is demonstrating its leadership in tackling global warming within the global community.

“Canadians continue to be concerned about global warming,” said Singh. “They see carbon capture and storage as one of the technologies that holds some promise. They do however seek leadership on this issue, and want more information about what options are being considered in concert with capturing and storing carbon dioxide.”

Complete poll results are being presented at the CO2 Capture and Storage Conference being held in Calgary on February 24-25, 2009.

Download: News Release – Canadians supportive of carbon capture storage (Feb 25 2009)



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