Calgary OutGames – A Research Legacy

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The North American OutGames were held in Calgary, Alberta from April 1 to 8, 2007 (click here for website). The week-long event comprised a human rights conference, a cultural program and the annual Western Cup sporting event. ZINC Research was proud to be a sponsor for this international gay and lesbian event (click to see our program ad).

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One of the challenges of doing research on the gay and lesbian market is the issue of self-identification. Much gay and lesbian research is done online – may it be via snowball sample or panel – that requires that respondents self-identify themselves by their sexual orientation. While this is great for directional purposes, it is not representative. While many gays and lesbians are out – they are a limited group of “card carrying members” – there are still issues related to stigma and self-identification.

One means of getting “representative” feedback is doing research with a well-defined and receptive “population.” Within the gay and lesbian population, this is done onsite. Thus, the findings are pertinent to the environment where the data were collected, but not projectable to the general or gay and lesbian population. It does however provide solid direction, as the respondents are drawn from a well understood environment. And that environment may serve as a proxy for another environment or event.

Over the course of the OutGames, our team conducted 347 complete surveys. The findings emphasized some of the real and perceived impacts of the event. Of great value is the expenditure impact estimates – these clearly demonstrate the inclination of this market to spend while attending these events.

We welcome all to review these findings and assist you in enhancing your knowledge of this solid and lucrative, and sometimes elusive market.

For more information about this survey and doing research with the gay and lesbian market, please contact Brian F. Singh at or (403) 861-9462.

North American OutGames Onsite Evaluation

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