11 MAY BC ELECTION 2017: Podcast – Recap of Insanity


On Tuesday, May 9, the BC Provincial Election delivered one of the most surprising results (yet to be resolved for a couple of weeks) – a minority government with the Greens holding the balance of power.

During the writ period, experimenting with an online data collection platform (see previous posts) and IVR, Justason Marketing Intelligence, and zinc tank teamed up to offer our insights on this Provincial Election. 

In this second podcast, Barb and I got on the phone to discuss if this was a good result for pollsters, what worked and didn’t with our methodology, why our neighbour question performed better than voter intentions in this election, what did the result mean, our views on what the Green vote meant, and our thought on where such experimentation in polling should go.

For the record, here’s the source of the shift in the Green vote I mentioned.

Listen along (see links below), and message us if you have any problems in listening. Or just message us if you make it to the end of the podcast.

AMR File: Download/Listen

MP3 file: Download/Listen

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